Our aluminium docks

Light and easy-to-handle structure, superior quality aluminum construction and a practically unlimited lifespan, our docks achieve unanimity.

Our customers particularly appreciate our exclusive track system, which can accommodate many easy-to-install accessories.

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Modular structures

Quai fixe Quai mixte Quai flottant

The fixed sections

Fixed sections (docks on posts) are more economical and are perfect in shallow waters.

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The transition section

The articulating nerve between the bank and/or the floating sections which makes it possible to follow the fluctuation of the water level

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The floating sections

The floating sections follow the fluctuations of the water level. They can be configured in multiple ways to dock your boats and serve as swimming platforms.

Available surfaces

Quai surface de plastique Quai surface de plastique
Quai surface de cèdre

Plastic Decking

  • 25 year lifespan
  • Fixed panels
  • Modern non-slip design
  • Non-conductive of heat
  • Maintenance free
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Cedar Decking

  • 15 year lifespan
  • Removable panels
  • Noble material with a congenial aesthetic
  • Moderate conductor of heat
  • Little maintenance

The advantages of aluminum docks

Our aluminium docks

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